Surf Psychology

Surf Psychology applies the brilliance of the human psyche to the performance and lifestyle of surfing

Surf Psychology aims to nurture and enhance psychological skills for peak performance and personal enrichment in surfing and in life. This is achieved through education, mental skills training and mindful, heartful play with Mother Ocean

Specialist Surf Sessions available in all areas of surfing:

Free Surfing
Master mental potential to enrich and fulfil your free surfing potential

– Groms to Surfing Elders
– Recreational Free Surfers
– Professional Free Surfers

Competitive Surfing

Master mental potential to deliver best performance on demand and achieve your competitive goals
– Groms, Juniors, Elite and Adaptive Surfers
– Targeted Campaigns, Titles and Olympics
– Coaches, Clubs and Teams

Big Wave Riding
Master fear, focus and composure to ride bigger, more intense waves

– Entry Level to Experienced
– Professional Big Wave Riders
– Safety and Support Teams

Soul Surfing
Consciously cultivate personal and spiritual enrichment through your connection with the ocean and surfing experiences
– Mindfulness
– Heartfulness
– Oneness

Surf Sessions
All ability levels and surfcraft welcome…
individual and group / team services may be delivered in the surf, on the beach, in your training environment, the competitive / performance arena, at camps / conferences / retreats and/or via phone and online video calls or webinars

Go faster, higher, longer, deeper
In surfing and in life

Please feel welcome to contact me for enquiries and requests