Performance Psychology

Master your ability to deliver personal best + team best performance on demand and achieve your highest goals

Targeted education, mental skills training and mindful, heartful play in your individual or team performance domain to optimise all stages of the performance cycle:

Prepare > Perform > Recover > Review > Integrate

Performance targets include:
– Creating comfort in the uncomfortable
– Harnessing and channelling emotions
– Optimising efficient use of mental energy
– Cultivating flow – individual flow and team flow
– Skill development and transforming patterns / habits
– Injury prevention, recovery and return to performance
– Team spirit, culture and dynamics on and off the field
– Career challenges – transitions, managing media, fame and wealth
– Improving specific mental qualities and skills such as focus, decision making, mental imagery, creativity, leadership and communication
– Inner peace and balance, personal development and enrichment

Performance domains include:
– Amateur and professional sports
– Action sports and extreme / adventure pursuits
– Artistic performance – acting, music, dance
– Adaptive and Paralympic sports
– Gaming and eSports
– Career and corporate settings
– Education and professional development
– Emergency, security and military services
– Family, youth and community settings
– Healthcare, wellbeing and recreation

Performance Sessions
All ability levels and performance domains welcome…
individual and group / team services may be delivered by walk n talks in nature, at your venue, training environment, camps / conferences / retreats and your competitive / performance arena and/or via phone and online video calls or webinars

Perform… Achieve

Be Healthy… Be Happy

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