Walk the path of your own heart

Mentoring is an ancient tradition of guided learning to nurture self love, expand consciousness and master our world within and so our world around

The mentoring I guide is an empowering pathway consciously crafted from:

–         Universal Laws of Mother Nature and human nature
–         Experiential wisdom from ancient cultures and traditions
–         Perspectives and practices of world class performers and teams
–         Your passions, potential and divine essence

Mentoring sessions are co-creative and may include education, guided skill development, addressing important past, current and future experiences and mindful, heartful play with our innate wisdom and potential

Mentoring is challenging by design and will open awareness to elements of self that are beautiful as well as elements of self that feel unpleasant or uncomfortable. Mentoring provides a safe, enlightened space to move through these elements and gain insights and skills to restore and maintain inner balance as well as achieve enriched purpose, performance, relationships and freedom

People who engage for mentoring include:

–         Performers in sport, adventure pursuits and the arts
–         Professionals in all levels of business from sole traders to global organisations
–         Leaders in corporate, community and not for profit settings
–         Colleagues in human performance, healthcare, natural healing and spiritual arts
–         Parents who wish to become better parents
–         Youth who feel out of balance with their world within and/or the world around
–         Individuals simply seeking a better life for themselves and their loved ones

Mentoring begins with an initial interview to understand more about you and your intentions. This allows us to co-create an individually tailored, meaningful and fruitful mentoring path which may unfold on a session by session basis, through the LoveMastery mentoring program or a combination of both

To learn more about session by session mentoring please feel welcome to contact me

To learn more about the LoveMastery mentoring program please read on…

The LoveMastery mentoring program enables you to know and nurture the essence of our human psyche as well as master your innate potential through your activitity/s of passion

The LoveMastery mentoring program is delivered in three stages:

Core – consolidate your personal foundation to be a happy healthy human
Speciality – optimise your full potential to be a happy high performer
Mastery – illuminate your divine essence to be a happy heartful being

The LoveMastery mentoring program begins with a 60-90 minute initial interview. Stages are then delivered in sequence and participants may choose to complete the Core stage only, or the Core + Speciality stages in progression, or the Core + Speciality + Mastery stages in progression

Each stage includes seven 60 minute sessions:

–         5 sessions for intentional learning on targeted topics
–         2 sessions for deeper mastery of targeted topics and/or participant topics
–         Plus experiential learning activities to complete between sessions
–         Plus one complimentary 30 minute follow up session for each stage
–         Plus one complimentary copy of 100 Dawns with Core stage
–         Additional sessions available for each stage and ongoingly upon request
–         Recommended timeframe to complete each stage: 3-6months

The LoveMastery mentoring program is ideal for individuals and is easily tailored for delivery in group, team and organisational settings

All individual and group / team sessions may be delivered in person by walk n talks in nature or at your venue / conference / retreat and/or via phone and online video calls or webinars

To learn more about the LoveMastery mentoring program please feel welcome to contact me