LoveMastery Mentoring Program

Cultivate Self Love and Self Mastery for enriched
Purpose – Performance – Relationships – Freedom

The LoveMastery mentoring program is an empowering pathway consciously crafted from:

–        Universal Laws of Mother Nature and human nature
–        Experiential wisdom from Eastern and Indigenous traditions
–        Perspectives and practices of exemplary performers and teams
–        Your passions, potential and divine essence

The LoveMastery mentoring program is delivered in three stages:

Core – consolidate your personal foundation to be a happy healthy human
Speciality – optimise your full potential to be a happy high performer
Mastery – illuminate your divine essence to be a happy heartful being

The LoveMastery mentoring program begins with a 60-90 minute initial interview. Stages are then delivered in sequence and participants may choose to complete the Core stage only, or the Core + Speciality stages in progression, or the Core + Speciality + Mastery stages in progression

Each stage includes seven 60 minute sessions:

–        5 sessions for intentional learning on targeted topics
–        2 sessions for deeper mastery of targeted topics and/or participant topics
–        Plus experiential learning activities to complete between sessions
–        Plus one complimentary 30 minute follow up session for each stage
–        Plus one complimentary copy of 100 Dawns with Core stage
–        Additional sessions available for each stage and ongoingly upon request

The LoveMastery mentoring program is ideal for individuals and is easily tailored for delivery in group, team and organisational settings

Please feel welcome to contact me for enquiries and service requests

Thank you for the opportunity to be in Loving service